JACK support planned?

It looks like Vital is doing it’s own interaction with audio/midi hardware under linux – or at least, it doesn’t appear under my Carla patchbay as Helm does.

I’d love to be able to manually route the output – is this on the agenda (or maybe I’m simply missing something).


If I understand your question on a VST host you can use the host to route the output.
If you execute vital in the standalone version and click on the V on the top left corner after starting JACK. You can select the JACK driver and Vital should appear in qjackctl or catia

Oh, jeez. I didn’t even realize that was a button, whoops.

Yep, perfect. Love it. Thanks!


I’m able to click the V and switch to Jack, but Vital doesn’t show up in QjackQtl at all.

It’s pretty frustrating because it’s stuck in ‘omni mode’ and basically routes everything from my MKII mini (drum pads, keys, knobs) to Vital, regardless of the channel they are on.

Have you tried cadence? It and a tool that ships with that called catia is alternative frontend to wiring and configuring jack. If I notice the wiring is not showing up from a recently called jack client, usually I just have to refresh the catia canvas to find it.

Also make sure you start restart vital after jack audio.