NKS Version work in progress

Hi here is a draft template and associated database, images and preview files to enable NKS integration into NI Komplete Kontrol (and Maschine):

This is a collaborative effort between myself and a fellow NI forum member (‘Vagus’)


Just updated the template and NKS patches to include additional controls for the comb and formant filters


Thanks so much!

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Sweet! You should throw this up on GitHub.

Thank you for doing/posting this! Any chance you could direct me to an explanation about how to install/set this up?

Make sure the Komplete Kontrol browser is closed before doing this.

Put all image thumbnail files in:

\Users\Shared\NI Resources\image\synthmaker\synthname (Mac)

\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\image\synthmaker\synthname (Windows)

If you have a MkII keyboard (with 2 screens) also copy the 2 thumbnails MST_logo.png and MST_plugin.png into a folder with the path:

\Users\Shared\NI Resources\image\synthname (Mac)

\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\image\synthname (Windows)

synth maker and synth name must correspond exactly to how they appear in Komplete Kontrol but all lower case

Database (category and colour info) files go in:

\Users\Shared\NI Resources\dist_database\synthmaker\synthname (Mac)

\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\dist_database\synthmaker\synthname (Windows)

If you have a MkII keyboard (with 2 screens) also copy the file color.json into a folder with the path:

\Users\Shared\NI Resources\dist_database\synthname (Mac)

\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\dist_database\synthname (Windows)

this sets the second screen background colour

The .nksf presets and template go in:

\Users\username\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\synth name (Mac)

Documents/Native Instruments/User Content\synth name (Windows)

Then reopen KK. If nothing showing rescan the user database.

For Previews you need to add the folder named “.previews” inside the folder containing the specific bank of nksf presets they are for. You will need to turn on hidden files to see them though as any folder with a dot in front is designated an ‘invisible’ folder on Mac and I think on Windows too.


I have already set the folder structure up with correct folder names though so it’s just drag and drop into place

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Thanks so much! I will try this later

great, thank you!

Thank you @s.wey for the NKS pack + instructions, got it working and it’s so easy to navigate the presets with the MkII keys!

A few small things I found:

  1. The loaded Vital preset doesn’t show/update in the Vital plugin window (within KK)
  2. No Vital thumbnail in KK User Instruments Library (just says Vital with a generic plug thumbnail)
  3. No Vital thumbnail when browsing instruments on the MkII

Many thanks again!

  1. The loaded Vital preset doesn’t show/update in the Vital plugin window (within KK)

This is a bug in Vital - it appears not to change the preset name when a new patch is loaded in KK - the patch itself does change though and you can browse patches fine in KK, so this is relatively cosmetic. Also I note the same problem occurs in Bitwig (and maybe other hosts) - namely a saved project containing Vital with a particular preset loaded recalls the patch but not its name

  1. No Vital thumbnail in KK User Instruments Library (just says Vital with a generic plug thumbnail)
  2. No Vital thumbnail when browsing instruments on the MkII

These are both a problem if you have not put all of the thumbnail image resources in the right locations - the thumbnail resource you want is the file MST_plugin.png - this must be placed in the folder named ‘vital’ in the root of the NI resources/image folder - that’s why I set it up with 2 folders of images thumbnails - one nested deeper than the other

Thanks @s.wey. The thumbnails are working now, you were right, I messed up the image folder!

this is great and got it working, thanks. I’m assuming this doesn’t include the presets for the pro subscription packs, correct?

Yes only the free ones - it wouldn’t be right to include the subscription packs (beside I only have Plus anyway)

Nothing to stop people using these as templates from which to save NKS presets for the subscription presets for themselves though.

many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing this is an issue with Vital, but is there any way to change how values are displayed on KK S-series mk II or Maschine mk III?

The master level, as well as parameters measured in seconds (envelope ADSR, phaser freq, etc) or semitones (i.e. cuttoff values) go screwy on the displays of NI hardware. It would be great if there is a way to fix that.

Also, if there is a way for it to display the correct units on the cuttoff when I’m in Hertz mode, that would be awesome.

Hey! First of all a big thank you!
Sadly i’m having an issue where the presets don’t load. I can see them in the browser in Maschine and KK, the previews also work fine, but when i load a preset it only loads Vital with the init preset. If i load a preset manually and then load another one from the browser it also keeps the previously loaded preset.
I’m on Win10 with Maschine 2.12.1 and Komplete Kontrol 2.5.1.
Do i miss something?

Sorry I am not experiencing this - maybe this is versions issue? - we made them with 1.04 and I am currently on 1.05 but I presume an earlier version may not work. I have only tested this on Mac personally but have not had a report like this before.

Yeah there is no way to control in KK how values are displayed - the plugin tells the host how to do that

Thanks for the info. I guess it might be either a platform or a version issue. I think I read something about a rework of the NKS Standard in the release notes one or two updates ago. Since I only have the factory content installed and a few patches I made myself, I guess I’ll just manually create new nksf Files out of KK. I tried it and the ones i created are working. Thanks again for your work.