Need Vitalbank build utility

Seems like a simple standalone utility to build Vitalbanks would be very handy.

Dump in the presets.
Name the bank.
Set output folder.
Hit Make Bank.

The current method inside Vital is clunky. This needs streamlining.

Rather than rewriting the code inside Vital, it seems a simple external utility would be far quicker and easier to code. Or is someone already way ahead of me on this? Because I certainly haven’t been able to find it. And I’ve LOOKED!

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This seems entirely doable, what are your problems with the in-Vital version?


Having to have the presets in the User folder.

More elegant would be a simple file browser add presets from any file folder on the computer.

Having to click on each item separately to add it to the bank.

More efficient is to be able to select all presets in the folder to add them.
Had 80 presets I wanted to turn into a bank. Clicking 80 times to add them one at a time was tedious!

So you want a vitalbank utility that can do the following:

  • Select presets from a file browser
  • Name the bank and export it

Give me like 5 days…or less.

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You ROCK! SlavaCat!!!

Quick question, what’s your OS? I plan to write the utility in Python, so if you’re on a mac I’m going to have trouble compiling it for you.

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 3.50.18 AM

You wouldn’t happen to have python on your system would you?

Not a coder, so it’s nothing I’d ordinarily get into.

There have been complaints about Python running poorly on M1 chips. I’ve got an M1 Pro, so if you know a Python package that runs well on M1, please let me know.

I’m a simple point-and-click end user. My forays into coding were very instructive about how I do not have the temperament for it! LOL

A quick search shows that, apparently, there should be some sort of Python already pre-installed on this system:

Re: Python on M1 Macs

Figured I’d go ahead and get the latest version to make things easier for you.

So, yes. Python 3.11.3 freshly installed!

That should hopefully make things easier on both ends, until I get the chance to compile with a mac myself (I have access, just incredibly rarely–so pretty much not at all).

The script is mostly done, I just have to work out zip exports and polish; here’s the basic GUI:

You select the components (presets, tables, lfos, audio) you want to add to each list from a file browser and then name and export the bank. The “Auto Add From Folder” button allows you to select a folder of components to automatically add to the bank, specifying what kind of components you’re after. Let me know if there’s any additions you think would be beneficial, or if I’ve strayed too far from your vision.

I will be having an unavoidable 2 day hiatus but should still make the 5 day quota (hopefully).


That looks great! Thank you, SlavaCat!

Have an awesome weekend!

Here it is! Let me know if it works for you or if you have any suggestions; I’d like to announce the utility in its own post, but having someone test it beforehand is a good idea.

Started Python Launcher
Started Vitalbank Build Utility
Added 45 presets with select all
Hit export
Imported the Vitalbank into Vital

Will look for a more complex set that includes Wavetables, LFOs, and/or Samples to test all functionality.

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Second Vitalbank Build

AutoAdd worked correctly. Added all presets in 7 subfolders. (372)

Export - defaults to system drive. Clunky.

Would be nice if Export defaulted to the top level folder where you select your presets instead of to the system drive.
Alternately: having a preferred specified output folder would be acceptable as well.
Alternately: defaulting to last used output folder is another logical choice.

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Third Vitalbank Build

Multiple preset folders. Folders for Samples and Wavetables. “Add all” lumped Samples and Wavetables into the Samples bin. Don’t know if that’s a builder error, or whether it was a directory organization error by the preset creator.

Source file:
Festival Anthems by ANNMS

Resultant bank seems to work fine.

SpeedBanks doesn’t rely on directory structure, it just looks through all the files preset and sorts them out manually.

Also, the download link for the preset seems to be down, could you send me a screenshot (window maximized) of how SpeedBanks looks? I want to see what filenames are being put into the Samples list, something like this:

This checks out. The creator of the pack intended for the audio files to be used as wavetables (something Vital handles) but AutoAdd couldn’t possibly deduce this. It is impossible to distinguish whether or not you want an audio file to be a wavetable or a sample from AutoAdd, so I will be making a button that allows you to transfer sample items over to the wavetable list and allow for audio files to be added to the wavetable list directly.

New build will take 0-1 business days.

I noticed that all four of the wavetable files were extremely short.
Two were 93ms and the other two were 139ms.
If this is typical for wavetable files, perhaps you could code a differentiator to shunt all files below a certain length to the Wavetable folder.

The shortest sample length in the Samples folders is 239ms.

If there’s a consistent length size maximum cutoff, automatically shunting small wav files to either Wavetable or Sample might be doable.

If a Sample is over 1MB, it could automatically be shunted to Samples.
If it’s under 1MB, it could be checked for length in milliseconds and redirected accordingly.

Just a thought.