Need Vitalbank build utility

Possibly, something like a audio length threshold slider; it seems like I may need to add a larger menu to the AutoAdd button. This may increase the build time to 1-2 business days.

Getting it right is more important than doing it fast.

Have no idea how the save/load works on LFOs. Need to be sure that works right as well. The LFO routing in Vital is a HUGE feature!

Added two buttons:
Sample => Wavetable : Moves selected sample list items to the wavetable list
Wavetable => Sample : Moves selected audio files in the wavetable list to the samples list

I’m going to hold off on the AutoAdd wavetable detector given that the small ease of use increase doesn’ytreally justify the increased size of the program (given that larger libraries must be invoked to read the length of an audio file). Hopefully, the new buttons should make things fast and easy enough.

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Yes! That gives the functionality needed without bulking up the code and creating errors needlessly.

My only suggestion at this point is to move the buttons to the top where their functionality will be obvious through their text and arrows.

Great work! Super fast turnaround.
You ROCK SlavaCat!!!

(Garish red lettering is NOT a suggestion. Just making it obvious where I thought the buttons will be most useful.)

Alright, I’ll see what I can do, I’ll group it in along with a key binding addition.

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Here it is again, but better. Now featuring Keybinds and better button placement. If you don’t see anything else worth noting, I’m thinking of making a general announcement about the utility soon.


1.2 is it. Nailed it. No further suggestions.


Thank you, SlavaCat!!!

8 days of hands-on from suggestion to completion with all requested mods?
Wicked fast. Love it!


@SlavaCat Great job, this makes creating .vitalbanks so much easier! And the fact that you whipped it up so quickly is impressive!

Also, great suggestion @benfury22! I didn’t even know I needed something like this until I read your post.

It’s cool to see people suggesting and making stuff for Vital, well done you two! I hope everyone who uses Vital finds this thread.


Thank you very much man, this is awesome :slight_smile:

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You are most welcome, @Alan.
Hats off to @SlavaCat for jumping all over this and making my idea happen.


And many thanks to you, @platipo, for all your awesome Vital tutorials on YT.
Fantastic stuff! Well done!!!

Thank you.