Multi-voice LFOs possible?

Been experimenting with some LFO driven affects, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to make them per voice, instead of the LFOs being shared with all of the voices. Is it possible to set it up so the LFOs are per voice, and if so, how? Thanks!

The LFOs are all per voice and polyphonic when modulating oscillators/filters/sample/etc. Modulating any effect thought it will become mono.
Default is trigger mode that will restart the LFO for every voice at the beginning.

Ah okay, thanks, that makes sense, thanks!

Would it be possible to offer Single Trigger in poly mode for envelopes and LFOs might as a little botton where the user could simply switch between single- and poly-trigger.
This feature is very common in modern synths like Harmor, Serum, Zebra, Ikarus etc and in my view an important musical function.
Many other have also requested this !
See here:

not exactly sure what you mean here:

do you want to polyphonically change parameters? if so, you can change the voice parameters on a per voice level. in MPE mode you can use SLIDE and PRESSURE for example to change WT position, and it is per voice. you can also change release time of the envs (not env1) polyhonically if you set them to a voice parameter.
you cannot change the fx per voice, since there is only one fx chain per patch, not per voice.

No no, much simpler.
It’s a simple MIDI feature which is also in Serum, Hive, Zebra (simply called single trigger), Harmor (here called Global in the MSEG), etc. It’s very common in many VSTi.

Single trigger in poly mode means you press 1 key and hold it and press in addition a second, 3., 4., etc. and with every additional key the LFO continious. If you then release all keys and press a new key the LFO starts from start point. And so on.

I hope it’s now clear what is meant.

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Ah, yes now I understand.