MPE bug on preset recall (from DAW)

there seems to be a bug in MPE mode when vitals state is recalled within a host.

whenever i open up Element with a vital instance that has an MPE preset loaded, MPE does not work correctly. pitch-bend on the channels 2 to 16 is not set to 48semitones, and global pitch-bend on channel 1 does nothing. i can see the pitchbbend wheel moving in vital, but the sound is not affected.

now here comes the strange part:

if i recall another MPE preset (from elements state saving, not in vital) it works flawlessly from now on, general pitchbend works correctly, channel pitchbend is set to 48, great. switching back to the first state and this works as well now.

so in summary:

whenever vital is first opened in a host, and the first state is an MPE patch, it works not correctly. after switching to another preset and back, it then works for the whole session…

ok, i got it wrong there. actually MPE never works when recalled from a session in a DAW (i am using element, but i guess it is the same everywhere) if i recall a patch (not from vital, from the daw) MPE is not working. as soon as i go to the advanced tab and click twice on MPE enabled (it already shows it is enabled) it works again. so graphically the mode gets set, but internally it is not working. can somebody check/confirm?


can you comment on this? or can somebody else confirm this is indeed not working?

what happens is:

if an MPE enabled state (the one a host saves) is recalled on first opening of the plugin (as in, when i open the host), the MPE state is not recalled. if i go to advanced, MPE is enabled in the UI, so i click it twice and it works. subsequently loaded states which are also MPE now work fine.

I can confirm that while it now visually looks like the ‘MPE enabled’ option is restored when restoring plugin state, the option is still disabled and actually enabling it requires disabling and then re-enabling the MPE enabled option. Tested with the VST3 version of Vital 1.0.7 in Bitwig Studio 3.3.4 on Linux.

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Thanks for confirming!

Hmm thought I had fixed this in the latest but I’ll revisit.
Thanks for the report.

@Tytel thanks for looking into this…

btw. would it be more appropriate to post bug reports on GitHub?

Confirmed, happening here as well in Reaper (Win64).

I’m keeping use bugs here on the forum. Using the github issues for just for code/building.

@Tytel is it reproducible on your end, or did you need screencaps?

Problem seems to persist, Bitwig beta 4 (latest) Win10