Merry Christmas! - Free soundbank for you lovely Vital folk

Hello all, first off I hope you’re doing well in the run up to Christmas.

I’ve been playing about with Vital since release and have amassed some lovely sounds now. So I decided to package some up as a free Christmas gift for anyone who wants them.

Just to give you an idea of the sort of sounds in the pack - I have been making music for just under 25 years now and run 2 records labels - one is called Dalston Chillies Records and is for authentic 90’s sounding Jungle. The second is a collaboration with another producer called Fushara and is for more up to date DnB stuff but with a spaced out, hard atmospheric vibe.

So expect lush pads, leads and various mutated basses as well as a few oddities like semi-random sequences, just to showcase the power of Vital.

Enjoy! And if you end up using any of the sounds, I’d love to hear the results!

Ben Kei


Happy holidays, thanks for sharing :wink:

Loved “Sparkling pad” !!


nice, thanks! downloading now (one can never have too many presets)…

it’s a great set, thanks again (altho i am sure i will never use a sound called ‘robot fart’ :laughing: )

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Nice one! I’m glad there’s something in there you found useful.


Thanks for sharing Ben, happy Christmas holidays!
Best wishes


The Noodling dub generator is just superb. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas all of you!

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thanks for sharing! cool stuff - what a treat

Hi thanks for your sharing and happy holydays :grinning:


Thanks Carlos!

I wanted to have a go at something a bit generative and after fiddling with the chord options for unison, it really made that one come together nicely.


You have really good chords patches and more stuff that sound so good. But specially chords IMO. Maybe you would get a good bank only with chords. Anyway, superb stuff!


Thank you for being so kind and generous in this tough time :smile: . Thank you for the presets!

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It’s been an odd year.

I run a chilli sauce company for a living as well as the music stuff. With all the waves of lockdowns and various issues with imports etc… it’s been really tough to actually work this year. As a side effect of that, I’ve probably had the most productive year musically that I’ve had in maybe the last 15 years!

It’s how come I actually had time to sit down and learn a new synth and pull some presets together. Quite a few of these would never fit into the type of music I make but equally, it’s good to understand how those sound are made… so I figured someone somewhere would get some use out of them, so you’re very welcome.

@Carlos - I do quite a lot of deep and meditative stuff, whilst still being pretty sturdy for the dancefloor. I’ve been DJing since 1996 and so a lot of the music I make is focussed at the dance floor.
But I still love the deepness and atmospheric side of electronic music. The new label I started with a friend this year was kind of by mistake really, we have very similar ethos with our music and I asked him to remix something of mine and it turned into a whole project. But it’s all very chord heavy, deep and atmospheric.


Well, i lost my job and although it wasn´t related to my University Degree (Marketing and Communication) now i am quite a lost. But music has been pretty much like a lifeguard at this time. I´ve made music for the last 20 years but for a hobby anymore. I´ve Djing but not so long. And during this year i have made plenty of sounds, for Hive, Repro, Zebra, Diva, Thorn, ABL Pro, Gladiator 3, Rayblaster, Odin 2…, and that days, for Vital. I am pure dancefloor too, but i can make any kind of sound. Usually i make my sound design for industrial and techno, but other times i feel comfortable about Physical Modelling, or creating evolving pads or atmospheres, etc. Summarizing, a bit of everything. And there are people here that make so good sound design as well.

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Thank you.

And here a patch from Ben´s SoundBank. This is a revision from his “Soft like putty” patch. I hope he´ll approve that. Enjoy! Soft Like Putty (Gate Review).vital (962.7 KB)


Thanks Ben!
Merry Christmas!

Nice. I’ll grab it and give it a listen.

And of course I wouldn’t mind! Presets are just starting points really, I don’t think I ever use a preset without tweaking it a bit.


I hope you like this revision. I will do more from time to time.

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Awesome, thanks for the presets.


thx for the presets and keeping djing and reccords alive!

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