Matt: Please let us know what's going on with Vital

The most solid statement , Vital is brilliant. Wow a few year ago this would have been alien technology !


Just to throw a curve ball, a couple of months or so ago over at KVR in its Instruments section, I posted a subject/comment about artificial intelligence as it applies to synthesis/synthesizers. In it I mention and even cite a video of some guys attempting to create their own synth from scratch using maybe ChatGPT for help in the coding.

Synplant 2 just came out and it seems to do a little bit of neural processing or something like it and there’s other related stuff that has also come out this year.

That writ, Matt may have changed directions in this regard with Vital and/or with a completely new concept.


That would be most interesting , Synplant 2 not sure what to make of it ? Vital is my main synth for a long time :grinning:

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Vital’s great! Where Vital can do text-to-speech, if somehow attached to AI, theoretically, it could do any sound, maybe even just by talking to it…

Us: “Hey, Vital!”
Vital: “Good morning! Ready for some music?!”
Us: “We sure are! Watcha got!? Any ideas since yesterday?”
Vital: “I sure do!..”

I’ve got the free RVC running on my computer in the form of Pinokio. Maybe it’s related in a very tangential way to Synplant 2. I’ve yet to use it, but we’ll see…

…But maybe that’s part of my points above; to keep an open mind, look around and don’t put all your eggs in one basket or bother/bother with the artists or coders too much.

Coding may become somewhat obsolete anyway, just like much of our use of browsers for example to access the net. Lots of code behind them that we don’t see or bother with and maybe shouldn’t as humans.
Much should be the jobs of computers/AI at least mainly to free up more time for humans to do what they love, prefer and are better at or more suited to doing.

Yes…we all love Vital. I only started this post to see if Matt would respond with just a few sentences or two as to the state of Vital’s development. I didn’t think that was too much of an ask.

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He seems to have done so already in that thread that he then closed. And I don’t recall reading anywhere where he promised a particular time-frame.

Again, he also laid out a framework for bug reports that, at a quick glance, the reports don’t seem to follow to the letter.

As I’ve already written, among other things, it’s a matter of differences of values and expectations.

You want what Matt can’t or doesn’t want to deliver.

How well do you manage your own relationships?

Clearly it’s passed the best before date that Matt is going to hold your hand. So move on, maybe grab Serum, and lose the crocodile tears.


Vital falls into the ‘labor of love’ category. might even say divinely inspired. hard to put that on a clock.

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I’m tempted to agree.

Don’t really think this thread is productive so I’m going to lock it.

To answer the question, I’m still here and working on Vital. I’ll make an announcment when there’s a new version.