Matt: Please let us know what's going on with Vital

It’s been months since we’ve seen any posts from you. Would you mind letting us know what’s going on with the development of Vital?


We’re all interested in this topic. What’s up Matt @Tytel?


Some people are of the opinion that Matt has given up development of Vital because he has been absent for so long. I don’t know if I agree with this or not, but since this rumor is circulating around, I fear there’s a good chance this thread is going to turn into a dumpster fire of people arguing about what’s going on with Matt. I’m hoping that won’t happen though! :smiley:

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Matt, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well, whatever you’re up to these days :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t expect a dumpster fire, but I sure hope Matt responds with some news as to the state of Vital and himself.

even occasional blog-type posts or mysterious teasers on youtube would be cool.


I’m beginning to see the “paid/unpaid” reasoning Teksonik has made as to why Matt may have abandoned this plug-in.

My attitude is: if Matt has just given up, then he should post something about it and move on. As a paid user, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect some sort of information regarding the future of this plug-in.


:rofl: use what that you have , the vst synth

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Same question, one year without any update I think. I paid for using and helping this software but I have the impression that the project has stopped. I thought he was going to become the number one :slightly_frowning_face:.


no, number 2

C’mon, Matt, let your fans and customers know what’s going on with Vital’s development. Please.


I was happy in April, but I can see it was just momentary… agree with what was commented before, but Vital should be eventually sold to another company if Matt can’t maintain it.

:rofl: “use what that you have , the vst synth” ~ jonotwycross

Maybe it’s just me and I’m missing something as a newb here and with Vital-- and if so, do educate me-- but I’m inclined to agree and to wonder what’s with the ‘harassment’ of the dev, and such as if the software is stable and relatively-advanced, and compared with what’s available elsewhere. And given the ‘market saturation’ of free and/or libre sound/music software.

Are some of you out of music to compose and are now left with wondering what to do with all your free time?

It’s not a matter of harassment, but a lot of people paid for Support and development of the product, either by purchasing PRO or the subscription. And when you pay for something and you don’t receive back, and even after months of inactivity in the development and support side, some people start to get pissed

Imagine if one of your subscriptions (netflix, spotify, whatever), just stopped delivering what they promised and without answering or anything… just disappeared.
Since it’s a GREAT product, people are still holding in the hopes something will come back, so it’s not harassment on the development side. If anyone is being harassed are the people who are paying for something and not receiving back


I’m not out of Music to control, I actually make presets for Vital, but I had to pull off all my Vital products because the plugin seems abandoned, and I don’t want to sell something that will cause more headaches in the future.

Don’t assume I’m out of time or attack me by asking if I have too much free time just because I’m posting my opinion on a forum. We all want Vital to succeed, and if the current DEV is not able to deliver on it, since it’s such great software, I would consider selling it to a company that can keep it and take it forward.


It seems to depend in part on a difference of values and expectations. Development and support are of course subject to those kinds of things.

At 1.5, Vital seems quite mature, and maybe some devs, and people in general, are less than crazy about feeling like they are being micromanaged, tied to some treadmill, and/or like they have people looking over their shoulders all the time. That’s kind of how it reads to me as a newb looking at the forum’s comments by the way.

I wonder how many people actually paid for support and how much/what kind. And when you write that ‘a lot of people paid for Support and development of the product’, it sounds like one of them wasn’t you.

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I never paid for Vital (and I’m actually glad I haven’t in a way because I’d be pissed if I did), but I’ve submitted several bug reports and suggestions based on what I see from, and none were solved, and these were actual bugs.
One is one year old.

As for Vital being quite mature, there are a lot of problems happening with version 1.5.5, just skim through the forum and you’ll see. As someone who has actively used Vital, opened bug tickets, etc, I feel I can give my opinion as well

I mean, the product, Vital, is Matt’s and I have no say on it, but the less people trusting it, the less people are going to promote it, and the software is going to eventually die off… and it’s sad, because it’s a phenomenal plugin,

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Apr 14

"Hi, yes I’m fine.
I did have to step away from the forum and discord for a while…

And yes, I’m still working and Vital (and some stuff that might go into a new plugin)." ~ Matt T.

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That post was 6 months ago, and the previous post was 8 months before that one.
I agree, IF, but it looks like he didn’t have time for vital in the last 6 months as

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As I already wrote…

“It seems to depend in part on a difference of values and expectations.” ~ glomerol

Apparently some are ok with Vital as it is, while others seem to want a kind of corporate clockwork development/support cycle that, frankly, seems a little out of step, or out of sync, with the apparent reality of the software context of Vital, such as WRT; price of software (free); price of support (free/minimal); the size of development team; the context with/in comparison to corporate/private proprietary software, such as WRT ethical, control/code-access/sharing, cost/price and/or license, etc., considerations.

That said, perhaps one might wish to reconsider one’s values and expectations and maybe forget about ‘setting’ dubious ‘6-month calendar timers’ on Vital/Matt as though one is some kind of corporate boss, CEO, director or shareholder.

Madrona Labs’ Sumu was announced in 2018 and still has yet to be released. It’s proprietary and likely won’t be free either and cost multiples of what Vital does, at its most expensive.

Have you looked into Vitalium? And/Or contracting a coder, such as at online coder-contracting sites? Or trying to use ChatGPT to help with coding? A Kickstarter/GoFundMe campaign? That’s what FLOSS is in part about. And any bug fixes and feature additions that might be from whomever at Vitalium, say, if not Vital, can be reverse-added to Vital anyway. Win-win-win.

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