Log in every time?

So, every time i use the synth i have to log into my account? Are you kidding? a lot of people work offline. Is this going to change? if it will, i`ll buy the full version.

Weird, it does not pop up for me. I don’t think it is intended to ask you every time. Maybe it does this until you created an account and logged in.

No, it does not require login every time.
After downloading the presets that should be it.
You can also disable “check updates” I think if that’s a problem

Doesn’t happen for me either. What OS and DAW are you using?

I logged in the first time, downloaded the presets and when i quit my daw and later tried again…it ask me to login. I`ll try to disable the updates.
Win 64

I disabled the updates and it still pops up…
But now i realize that it is not conditional…so i just clicked anywhere on the interface and it went away. The synth is usable without being logged in.


That is still odd, I understand the annoyance of it.

You’re right! I had the same problem and now after reading you, I clicked anywhere and it worked :slight_smile: Thanks!

And also thanks to the developers. The synth sounds pretty good and looks nice. And I’m linux user, so I’m happy they made a linux version (that by now works pretty nice). So really many thanks to the devs!!

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That’s good to know that you can just click outside of the login window. It was driving me insane.

I think the better option would be to have a download/update presets button that opens the login window instead of having it open all the time.

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If you are not logged in, the pop up will show every time you open the interface and you have to click somewhere to make it go away. This is not cool, but it probably be changed in the future. At least, i hope so…

Thanks for the tips, registration was crashing my Daw ( Usine Hollyhock) each time here on Mac/Mojave, now clicking anywhere on the interface works fine !
I have register the standalone, so plugins has his presets.

Yeah I want people to login initially so they can download the presets and it’s necessary for the text-to-wavetable web requests and pack updates. Some systems don’t remember the login though and I haven’t figured out why so Vital will ask you to login every time. I’m probably going to only ask to login from now on if you haven’t downloaded the presets so that should make it smoother for you.


Thanks for the answer. I figured why you set it to login initially. But if you can set it to remember that first login and then never ask unless the user is trying to use the online features (txt-to-wavetable, updates). I always work offline because of the windows instability on updates and go online only if i have to (authorizations, updates…). Now i open a Vital on 1 track (it pops up and i don t login because i am offline), then i close the interface and when i open it again, it pops up again. I hope you ll fix that in the future. Other then that, congratulations, it`s a great synth. Good job…good luck with it.

Yeah if you successfully login once then it shouldn’t ask you again, even if you’re offline.
I’ll make some adjustments to this system though so if there is some issue recalling credentials (like on your computer for some reason) it just won’t ask you to login again unless you need to like for text to wavetable.

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Ok. thank you very much.

I’m on Linux with KDE, so the gnome-keyring isn’t installed by default. I tried installing it, but it wouldn’t unlock with my login, so I still had to input a password when I opened Vital.

That would be lovely. Thank you :slight_smile:

so…any news on this one? or, anybody knows a workaround?

I have the same thing-- but my login fails every time so have not been able to get patches yet either

It could be helpful if devs could release exhaustive info on which firewall ports should be opened and which operating system processeses if any should be allowed to get through on which servers and why for vital synth to work for everybody as designed. Otherwise it is at a risk remaining shady business. We don’t want that. The plugin itself seems a great idea nothing to add to that. Thank You.

It could be helpful if devs could release exhaustive info on which firewall ports should be opened and which operating system processeses if any should be allowed

if you allow vital.exe in your firewall, maybe…have you tried that?

In my case i got it working. I am using CCleaner to clean the system and it was set to delete the Network Passwords. I unchecked that and now the login popup does not load.
It is just a temporary solution because i don`t want that cleaner option to be unchecked. So, it would be helpful if the dev would point me to where the plugin saves the login details so i can add an exception to that cleaner. I tried looking in the default Windows network passwords…there are no credentials there. So i assumed the plugin creates some windows system files where it saves the login details. Am I right?