January 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread

great stuff @SeBaer and @Peter.H :slight_smile:

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Yeah, cool … right after triggering the reply button I saw it myself …
When I open it it still has me a the author. Hope that is only because of some importing glitch.
If not yet, please put your name in the author box.

Edit: Damn, that is stupid. I have checked the Patch File and it has you as author … When opening the patch in Vital it puts my name in the author box!?1? Why?

Might be some import glitch. Maybe a bug.
I also managed to clear another LFO. LFO7 modulating the voice is not needed, because that is replaced by LFO1 modulating LFO3 modmapped to a square…

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@tinga has posted a link to free vital bank of patches they are working on

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Pop Pluck.vital (1.0 MB)

I’ve been getting into more realistic sounds, and trying to create some stuff you’d find on Nexus. This sound isn’t full Nexus-standard, but it uses a layout I’m working on to speed up sound design.


FM Bass with Fizz.vital (810.7 KB)

A bass patch. Velocity changes the timbre.
Macros can change the level of the sub / fizz layers, distance (reverb) and fold (distortion).

Bass.vital (1.6 MB)

A mono legato bass.
Velocity changes level and filter.

@Deen has posted a link to a free vital patch bank

@GeneralQ has just posted a link to a free vital preset bank

@mr.sp has just posted a link to 9 presets for vital: bass, lead, pad

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@twinsofmessaline has posted a vital patch bank (38 Vital Patches)

A mono lead Raspy brassy pulse lead.vital (1.5 MB)


@Alan has posted a link to a Free Dubstep Preset Pack for Vital (25 Presets) (sign-up required)

@andypettitt70 has posted a Guide to build an organ with drawbars and Free Preset

you can save a little space with empty init preset it contains only one sample “point” in the osc and smp you don´t use.
. Empty Init Preset.vital (24.0 KB)

cut waterfallsounds sample to 10 sec and normalized it to -1dB.
waterfallsounds.vital (5.1 MB)

messed around with wavetables, when you change the sample rate you can half or double your wt. Preset based on Peter H.´s acid preset.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre.vital (3.4 MB)

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in combination with my last patch Ufo Random Atmo I made this ufo riser pad.vital (3.2 MB) :alien::flying_saucer::notes:


@mr.sp has just posted FREE 30+ Presets For VITAL (G-House,Progressive House,Cinematic,Trap))

special_synth.vital (160.9 KB)


I try to make a different type of my last Ufo Riser Pad, here the patch:
UFO Riser Pad 2.0.vital (2.1 MB) :alien::flying_saucer::notes:

Ps: Play with Macros to sound modulation.


Classy.vital (619.3 KB) Robot Harp.vital (619.3 KB) Picked Bass.vital (160.0 KB) SNFKSlapHouse - Hearts.vital (320.1 KB) Fork.vital (1.0 MB) Squeaky.vital (1.1 MB) Lost Dreams.vital (170.2 KB) Seas in Space.vital (1.0 MB) Seconds Without.vital (285.3 KB) Clickity.vital (1.5 MB) Ocean Organ.vital (170.6 KB)

I’m getting ready to release another pack soon :grin: