It’s been quiet from Matt

Just wondering if anyone has any info on the progress of Vital. I mean, a lot of small bugs have been reported but no updates for a Long time now. Anyone have a place/link where one can follow progress since it went open source?

This great synth is amazing already and I’m one hoping that Going Open Source will make it out of this world greater.


There is a Discord page but I haven’t been there in a long time. Discord gives me seizures. :rofl:

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Yeah, it’s strange. Small updates would give some presence of the progress.

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He said on multiple occasions that he is working on a new graphic engine, which is quite a big update, so it will take some time. I reckon (as he also stated) that he will include some minor bug fixes in that new “branch” as well.

I think we all underestimate the ‘pressure’ that a dev can get into, releasing such a popular piece of software. As I understand it, Vital is basically a one man show, right?

Thousands of bug reports, feature requests, support questions, critique (but also praise!)… Make it harder to focus again and sit down to write new code.


You are right.
Never heard he is working on a new graphic engine. That’s good.

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I wonder if he ever bothered to write a manual in all this time?

This synth is so easy & self explanatory that it doesn’t require any manual at all, but if you really need it here’s the one made by community: Vital Community Documentation (not an offical manual)

Matt is just busy - as mentioned before by @lokki

So patience is key :slight_smile:

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Yeah basically I realized that the biggest thing slowing development down was doing graphics/ui stuff.

As lokki mentioned I’m working on a new graphics engine. It’s a pretty large undertaking and it will mostly speed up development for me in the future because it’s a lot easier to use. As a plus it will also will let me make prettier apps and improve a bunch of general user experience stuff like window opening time, memory usage, etc.


Sounds good! And thanks for this amazing instrument. :slight_smile:

I think people appreciate to hear a little about what’s going on with the future development of Vital. Thank you @Tytel for the update and your continuous hard work on this amazing synth. We ALL appreciate what you do and the work you put into it.


It looks awesome!! I’m sure everyone is really excited and can’t wait to try the new version. Keep working on it. All that hard work is gonna pay off in the end. So far this has been the coolest and best sounding synth I’ve ever tried! :sunglasses: :+1:

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How is it going? Any news? Hope well!