Is there a way to mass-export wavetables as .wav files?

Excuse me if this has been asked before, but I’ve made a lot of wavetables and I’m wondering if there is a way to export them all at once in .wav format. (Not to be confused with exporting them collectively as a .vitalbank, which is something else entirely.)

none that I know of, just record a patch with a 4 second (or 2 bars, but make sure your DAW tempo is 120!) saw up LFO

I assume that rusanrazvan has made a bunch of wavetables in .vitaltable format and wants a way to batch convert them all to .wav files rather than converting each one separately.

I am not aware of any such tool so the best thing to do is when you create a .vitaltable create a .wav file version at the same time.

Wavetables made in Vital in .wav format can be used in other WT plugins that allow .wav import and they work quite well.

Old thread, but how do you actually create a .wav wavetable with Vital, other than manually recording it and chopping it up?

When you go to save your wavetable, it has an option to save it as .wav or as .vitaltable

Reply to me again if you don’t find it and I’ll open Vital and send a screenshot of how and where!

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I can’t find this option. Saving a wavetable only asks for preset and author name, no tickboxes, no nothing. Only two text fields. Thanks if you can screenshot it when you have the time!

Don’t click on the little sandbox icon (where you would normally save). Instead, click on the hamburger menu and select your desired option!

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