Is there a manual somewhere?

Title says it all. Apparently nothing manual-alike was installed alongside Vital and I’d really like to read up a few (well, make that many…) things.

Thanks in advance!

  • Sascha

I specifically would like to know about the midi spec if there is any. How are program changes handled, how do you configure the headless mode (can you copy the settings from another machine?)

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I would also love a manual, so many features on this bad boy


I cannot figure out what the stuff in the lower right corner does.

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Yeah, Me too.

Videos are nice, but manuals can be looked into quicker, IMO.

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I have figured out most everthing but “Lift” and “Spectral”; does anyone know what these do?

I agree.
There’s so much power hidden in Vital and, although I’ve watched In-The-Mix’s first tutorial video, and although Vital is quite intuitive, I couldn’t remember how to input text into the TTWT . I’m not a fan of left/right mouse clicking - looking for what I’m looking for. And if you don’t know everything it does - you don’t even know that you need to look for it. :thinking:
I like being able to sit and read the manual, absorb it slowly (by necessity) add a few bookmarks, and refer to it when I’m stuck. :blush:


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I found vital very self explained

if you have not experience with sound design, in this video you will find all your answer


It definitely needs a manual. But if you have a couple of hours to invest to learn a lot about Vital, watch these:


Yep, I’m definitely waiting for a User Manual, preferably in PDF format. I can mouse around the program and watch videos, but a synth THIS deep is going to require plenty of manual guidance.

Maybe someone can start a WIKI and interested users can develop the manual, with M.T. filling in the blanks. It’s a lot of effort to make good documentation, especially in the midst of a product launch.


@kris_antoine I guessed “lift” as something to do with MPE (MIDI Release Velocity?) - but I don’t have MPE, so can’t test.

Let’s hope the presets (general, LFO and wavetables) will be available to everybody at some point (for Mac users, they are apparently missing for most people). That’d at least allow for a little reverse engineering of some patches.

Yes, I just learned that LIFT is release velocity (I think it borrows that name from some other MPE product). I have a release velocity keyboard (Kurzweil PC3K), and LIFT works!!!

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Just to give everyone in this thread an update, an official Manual is being worked on but takes time! Do expect it somewhere in the upcoming weeks


Should you ever need help translating it to german (in case that’s part of your evil plans), feel free to shout.

He’s a good guy. I was getting suggestions for his “In the mix” channel before Vital appeared. For one so young, he knows what he’s talking about on the videos I’ve watched. He’s a very good teacher.
Vital is very simple considering how much potential it has, and it’s incredibly well thought out and implemeted. I have Arturia Pigments too, but Vital is so much easier.

A manual would be good for beginners, but the tutorial video up there is great and covers everything really well.

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Well, I think there’s plenty of things that could be covered better in a manual, which you could always reference to. Also, I think quite some things are a little above beginner level, such as the various shaping options for the wavetables.
And then there’s also the little things no tutorials can cover in their entirety. Such as possible key combinations and shortcuts. For example, is there any tricks to quickly draw in rhythmically repeating patterns in the LFOs and envelopes? Can you select various nodes in them at once and move them all together? Etc.
Really, there’s quite some things that would do better in a manual rather than in some video - because I like looking at manual sections repeatedly, but I hate having to scroll through videos all the time just to find a 30 second thing that I don’t remember.

While we wait on a full product manual…


Agreed… I tried loading some of the factory presets in today, to see if I could “dissect” how they work… And man, those patches are doing some wild, convoluted things that are definitely not “intuitive” to figger out…