Where can I find the manual for vital?

I need manual for vital pls ;-;

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I also would like to have a manual. It would be nice to reference a few of the more obscure controls to know what they actually do. I do expect that will be forthcoming, but until it’s ready, spend a couple of hours (with Vital open) watching this series:

I thought I knew Vital pretty well, and I learned a couple of things today watching some of these clips.

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I understand from emailing Matt previously that a manual is being worked on, so not available yet.


where is the contact details for this company?

support@vital.audio - but this was before the forum was up and running.

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Thank you very much andrew_a


Still working on a menual

Writing a proper and GOOD manual is hard work. But it still should be done before the product goes on sale.

It also needs beta testers and proof readers. Where can i apply :smiley:

This thread seems to be a duplicate of https://forum.vital.audio/t/is-there-a-manual-somewhere/

In which I’ve already answered that a Manual is being worked on

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I look forward to RTFM! Although it is easy to get started on Vital, there’s nothing like reading a good, informative manual for an instrument you’re somewhat familiar with and gaining new insights.