Iconic synth sounds from "After Hours"

Hey, early bird here. I remade most of the synth sounds from the Weeknd’s “After Hours” album, and would like to share with you guys. I cannot post any files as a new member, but I will post a link to it instead: OneDrive

Update: I can post the file now. There seems to be an error with the maximum size of the file: my file is well below the maximum (20000 kb) but it still doesn’t allow me to upload. Any one know what’s going on?

Update 2: the crashing is perhaps due to the custom wavetables I’m using. They are the free wavetables from Synthhacker Essentials (used to achieve a softer, more detuned sound). You can download them here for free.

Update 3: I’ve also rushed out an unmixed, unmastered demo (sounds with no external effects): https://vitalpublic.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/1X/e95837ff1008e091cfac7e06586942ff39a09534.mp3


I’ll post a video later – currently too busy with school.

thanks yunison thats brilliant.:+1:

Just played a bit with them, nice work! :smiley:

Enjoy :slight_smile:! There are still sounds I’m trying recreate – will update soon!


Thank you and enjoy :slight_smile: !

Cool presets!! Looking forward to the update!

Nice, most of them work but funnily enough it crashes when I try to load no-no pad :wink:

I’m using custom wavetables from Synthhacker essentials. That might be the reason. You can download them here for free.

@yunison Hi - can you tell me how to export a bank of presets. I’ve clicked the option but not sure what to do next. Thanks

@yunison worked it out. it looks like you can only export “User” patches.

the link is dead now :<

I believe these will be in the November bank - November 2020 Free Patch Sharing Thread

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