I made another preset pack of 100+ presets

Hi everyone, for the past month now I’ve been working on the predecessor for the preset pack I put out a while ago. I saw that a lot of people got it, so it was only natural that I had to make another :slight_smile:

In this pack, I wanted to do some extra stuff, so it also contains 115 wavetables. They’re actually really fun to make, so I plan on making some sort of video tutorial on methods to create your own. A lot of the sounds created in this pack were recommended by you guys on Reddit and on this forum. I was really happy with how many people expressed interest in it, so I made sure that I wasn’t just releasing my ideal pack.

So enough rambling, here it is, hope you enjoy :grin:



I’m wondering why your website asks for so much personal data for a free download?

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I wish I could make it ask for less, it’s just the software I use for selling products doesn’t know the difference between a free product and a paid one. I wish it would just ask for email, but I’m still trying to get that to work


Thanks for another great preset pack! I have favorited many of your patches, and I will make much use of them!

Loving these new patches! I sat down with them this morning and started writing stuff immediately. Probably Fav’d 15 of them on first listen. Excellent stuff!

Hey snfk,

was wondering about that much personal data, too. Nice to hear you don´t sell it or something like that.

So Thanks for sharing, Great Work!

Sounds great! Really nice patches!! You are a great programmer!

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Thank you.

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downloaded & will check out today! i know it’s gonna be great, the original soundset is… thx!

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Very nice sounds, thank you very much!

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I have the first one, thank you very much, you rock!

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Thank you very much!!!

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Good stuff mate, thanks a bunch!

Thank you so much mate for your effort :beers:

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