Huge memory leak on Vital 1.5.5

adding new instances of vital 1.5.5 causes memory to shoot up enormously, removing them barely clears up any of its allocated memory, this weirdly only started happening recently and i’m not entirely sure what’s causing it, but it happens on two separate computers running Win10 and Win11
opening old projects intact that used the 1.5.5 version of vital is impossible now, memory usage shoots to the skies and ends up causing FL Studio to crash before i can do anything

possibly relevant info:

  • win10 and win11
  • intel cpu from 2011
  • daw: FL Studio 20

video: Watch 2024-05-02 20-13-33 | Streamable
(i installed v1.5.5 as VitalNew since i’m currently using v1.0.7 as an alternative on the same machine)

if any more info is needed i can give it

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Is it maybe vst2 versions in older projects?
Dang haven’t seen this bug before
How much ram do you have? As you have a 2011 cpu (intel haswell or older I think?) it could be just hitting the limit of ddr3 ram with the new fl studio update maybe?

hi! both my PC and laptop have 8 gb of ddr3 ram, though i’ve never had much of an issue with ram when making music

my cpu is intel i3-2120 so it’s pre-haswell, as for vst2 in older projects im not sure what u mean but i have the VST3 version of 1.5.5 and VST+VST3 for 1.0.7

Wow, glad your 10+ year old system isn’t hitting it’s limits yet!
Really not sure, is there maybe a graphics or DirectX update?

You mention even removing the Vital instances in the project doesn’t fix the ram issue? It stays still quite high?

Does launching the standalone version also cause the same issue?
I wonder if there’s a process hanging in the background even after closing ( sorry didn’t actually get to see your video clip)

I can definitely say we’ve seen more users with issues between vital and fl studio recently(last 6 months ish?) on both windows 10/11 :confused: