HACK: 119 instances of Vital occupying <2Gb RAM! (W11 & Live)

This is part tip, and part question.

I worked out how to free up RAM which is really useful for projects with many (many) instances of vital (and other vsts).

My ram usage went from over 10gb to under 2gb (Ableton + many instances of Vital).

There’s a tiny Microsoft app that allows you to free up ram.

Basically if you choose the 'Empty Working Sets" option once your project has loaded your ram use is greatly reduced.

It is not time bound. It stays this way, until you add a significant amount of instances of a VST (but you can always clear it again and keep going!).

I’m not quite sure what it is doing, but I was using up over 80% of my ram with a Live project and some Web pages open (system: W11, 12700k, 16gb ddr5).

After playing around with this fix across several projects, I haven’t run into any issues.

As seen in the pic I then duplicated a Vital patch (2 osc with lfo modulation and in-synth effects) 119 times and was shocked to find it played fine while using less than 2GB ram whilst doing so.

Nil issues encountered so far.

Once or twice I needed to close brave and re open it for it to reload all the open tabs (but brave remembers all your tabs so closing and reopening Brave is literally 2x button clicks).

Does anyone know what this is actually doing?

You should only worry about ram usage when you start getting hiccups. The OS should manage ram in such way that it frees it up as necessary from something that’s not of priority.

My W10 practically never goes under 4gb ram usage.

I was originally getting hiccups. Hence me seeking (and sharing) this solution! :sparkles:

In W11, Ableton 11.3.13 with less than 20 instances of Vital my pc was using 10gb (of 16gb) Ram in Ableton ALONE according to task manager. My system was running slow and was at 80% ram usage.

I did some testing, removed all other effects, incl from the master channel.

I also tried across several versions of ableton 11.

I also tried across two separate w11 machines, and then a w10 machine. Ableton uses less RAM with 20 instances of Vital in W10.

Ableton uses alot more ram in W11 (and 10GB ram is too much for 20 instances of Vital, even with superfetch OFF and a bunch of other Windows tweaks known to reduce ram usage!).

However - the fix I am sharing here allows over 100 instances of Vital…!

It’s amazing.

Load your project, click a few buttons, and BOOM you now have all your ram back and the project still plays fine! :sunglasses:

-I would love to know how this is working (can anyone please shed some light ?)

20 Vitals in 10gb is pretty good already as the first instance eats up 1gb alone.

Dunno what it does, maybe someone on Reddit’s Windows sub knows.

Sysinternals is the best thing since sliced bread for troubleshooting Windows. Thanks for sharing, I’ll make a note for the future problems.

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Try it for yourself man! It’s mind blowing. You can fearlessly open up as many instances as you like.

No more need for Freeze / Flatten!

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