FX filter clips start of sound when being modulated (+ clicks and pops)

The FX filter removes transients and constantly causes pops and clicks.

Hi @adampetershephard

Can you say what OS, DAW and version of vital you are using? Thanks (that helps others respond usefully).

I don’t get pops and clicks with the FX filter (Mac 10.14.6, Vital 1.0.5). Can you upload a patch to demonstrate?

Not sure what you mean by “remove transients” - it’s a filter after all :slight_smile: - an illustrative patch would be useful.


  • are you using a lot of Drive on the filter? - that could smash your transients perhaps (?)
  • are you modulating the filter? - if using an LFO, try increasing the Smooth level?

thanks for the quick reply

osx 10.12
Vital 1.0.4

To me, it sounds like the FX filter isn’t opening as much as the other via the envelope. There is a small difference in the modulation amount (below) - not sure if that would be enough to make an audible difference.

Perhaps others can comment / respond to this.

re. Pops and clicks - there’s a lot of resolution around the lower levels of attack, so you don’t need to go to 0 attack to have “bite” - so you could try increasing the attack a little to see if it helps (similar with release). There was another post recently on this topic, which you might want to check out: Effect modulation smoothing

you can see clearly that the beginning of the waveform is being removed, as if there is a ms or so removed from the beginning of the sound

Yes - I see what you mean. I’ve had a quick play to try and replicate what you’ve observed.
Top image: top wave form = “normal” filter, bottom wave form = FX filter (you might need to click to fully open the image).

As a control for how I’m testing, I’ve also run the same on identical (duplicated) tracks of the “normal” filter and the waveforms look the same (below, again click to open)

What I’ve observed is that if I disable the modulation on the Filter FX and manually move the cut-off, the start of the waveform isn’t clipped, i.e. it’s not the filter per se but how it responds to modulation? Perhaps? I don’t know.

Hopefully Matt @Tytel will take a look.

All the best

EDIT: I’ve edited the title of the post to (hopefully) clearly describe the issue

Hmm this does look a little strange. I’ll poke around, thanks for the report.