Effect modulation smoothing

when modulating effects with envelopes or retriggered LFOs, it’s common to get clicks on new notes. it would be helpful to have a (user-controllable and non-fixed) smoothing on effect modulations, either on the modulation source or in the mod matrix, or even as a global control for all effect modulations. it could take into account attack and release time when using envelopes as well, so that it would blend in a nice way, but even just having a global control would be really nice.

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Hi @alixp

Not a comment on your feature request, but just checking that you’re aware of the smooth parameter on the LFOs, and that small attack / release times can help overcome pops and clicks I believe (the default envelope 1 has times of 0.000499534 and 0.0899195 respectively).

yes i am well aware of the LFO smoothing. i only tested it with that patch using envelopes, so maybe using a similar LFO shape with smoothing enabled wouldn’t cause pops or clicks

Yes, perhaps @alixp. LFOs can run in “envelope” mode. Or using those very short A and R times on envelopes.
Maybe report back if can’t get it to work for you.
All the best.

@Tytel’s comment on the end of this thread might be of interest to you LFOs, Amp Envelops

The clicking is intentional and used in a lot of sound design for percussive sounds. There’s a ton of resolution in the early settings of the attack/release knob so you can set this to get the transient you want. If you don’t want click but want it fast the default will work.

Appreciate that your feedback was re. effects.

I was considering this smoothing on modulations for this exact reason. I could even default to a little bit of smoothing when modulating monophonic things like effects.

I kind of don’t like that I would have smoothing on the LFO and on the modulation though.

i think it would only need to have the smoothing at the start of a new note, during the rest it could be as clicky as desired