Free wavetables

Do you know a source of high quality wavetables? Post it here!

Here is one for starters: WaveEdit Online

I checked, the wavetables work with Vital.


Thanks @intosamadhi — I like them. Work like a charm.

not before i get them muahahaha

Right! haha

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Bro i have so many wavetables i dont even know what to do lol

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I feel ya. I was just looking in my folder trying to pick a place to start. This is a cool thread though. I like the idea of having a one stop shop for all of us to share our favorite wavetables.

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agreed, I’ll definitely never run out of new ones to try!

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There are already more than I can check out, plus you could make your own…
Also, those threads have links posted to additional wavetables:

The Echo Sound Works stuff is pretty great.

Also there is a pack by OceanSwift, which didn’t work that great in Surge, but works a little better in Vital.


There are some Access Virus TI wavetables on Adam Szarbo’s website.

I have tried them and you can make excellent sounds with them, and thanks to Vital’s oscillators which do sound so clean to my ears.

He says he has permission from Access to record and make them available on his site, but the agreement is that they are only for personal use only, and not to be downloaded from any site other than his.

That’s fine for You… but could You please consider to load them up and send here the link for all members of this forum, so they can also enjoy it.

fun fact, if you want the serum wavetables you can download the serum free trial and copy the wavetables over.

Ehhh going to remove some wavetables from other synths because I’m pretty sure that’s against their TOS and also probably illegal.

Please don’t post stuff that you don’t have the rights to or aren’t available (legally) to the public.