Adding 3rd party (Serum) Wavetables

Hi folks.
I have some Serum wavetables that I got from SynthHacker some time ago. I don’t have Serum but tried them in another synth (and they didn’t work). But they work fine in Vital and sound great!

I couldn’t find out where the factory wavetables are, or where the User folder is but…

If you open the Vital wavetable browser (at the top of the little wavetable window) you have an option to ‘Add a Folder’. So I clicked there, it brought up a Windows browser - and I just created a folder anywhere I wanted.
I then un-zipped the SynthHacker wavetables to that folder and now they appear in that folder in Vital.

I did a quick Google of Free Serum wavetables - and there are a lot.


In Vital’s preset browser there is a really nice example by Navi Retlav called Pan Tadeusz. I have Vital Pro, not sure if this particular one comes in other packages. Worth a look to see a fine setup using a wavetable.

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Thanks Pave.
There is a Navi Retlav Studio folder of 6 presets (I have the subscription version ), but not the Pan Tadeusz that you mention.
I was surprised with how ‘complete’ the Serum wavetables sounded - E Pianos, choir, Brass, Harp Mallet, Organ, strings, woodwind.
I Just initialized Vital patch, added an EP wavetable, 5 voices of unison. some chorus and reverb, and it sounds really useable without any modulation. And a good starting point for more complex sounds.

I’ve never attempted to play with wavetables before, so wavetable sources are extremely helpful. Truth be told, I didn’t get much done last night: I found myself scrolling through the presets (Vital Pro version; there’s a lot of presets). There’s one preset clearly setup for people to use as a starting point for using wavetables. The wavetable says “text to wavetable”. I think we’re supposed to examine it for guidance, not use it directly. Perhaps this makes me a rebel? hehehe Wavetables sure are fun.