Free Vital Bank

Hi for everyone,
i got some interesting, funny, experimental n normal patches that i use mostly and wanna share. I think its a bank over 120 sounds. Hope u will enjoy them, u can change share modify them as u wish n sure let me know if u use them in some song or project, im interested into listening projects etc.

Here r some sample tracks only made with vital. From drums to any kinda synth line all r created with vital. Also all the effects u hear r vital internal effects, didnt use any external effects or plugin. :


Hey man, I absolutely loved your presets. These are sounds we can actually use and a lot can be learned from your programming too. Thanks for sharing your awesome work!

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yw :slight_smile:

great sounds, thanks for sharing.

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Yw soon i will share another soundbank, made with fm n additive synthesis presests.

Several sounds are really interesting, welldone! Thank you!

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thank you :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Here is a second soundbank i finished a while ago. Over 180 sounds, lots of FM, additive n wavetable synthesis. There r very complicated patches with lots of macro mapping also some very simple but good sounding ones. İ created lots of wavetables from modular synthesis n ready to go templates to create your own sounds. As i said above experiment, modify, share n most important have fun :smiley:


thank you!


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yw my friend.

This is quite amazing stuff.



!!!~ THANK YOU ~!!!

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yw n have fun :metal: