FR: Next and Previous preset actions via MIDI CC (learn)


My FR is about having MIDI learn function on left and right arrows for changing preset via MIDI CC. Could this be possible ? It would allows fast browsing of presets.

Many thanks !


Definitely - and perhaps a knob that scrolls through all of the presets too

What I end up doing as a workaround is a REAPER script to be able to save two mouse cursor positions with a CC buttons on my keyboard and two scripts to recall these positions and simulate mouse press.

Works pretty nicely, it helps me explored the presets quite easily, but it isn’t as flexible as MIDI Learn CC (as this wouldn’t need to store positions etc).


Reaper for the win, baby!

I know FL Studio has had some scripting features, but they’re nowhere as flexible as Reaper. I’m wondering if making a python script for this kind of stuff would be beneficial for more than just Vital.

@snfk Oh yes sure, I initially made an auto hot key script, but the thing is that the midi module I use for AHK required exclusive MIDI usage, so it was either AHK or REAPER…,
So I wonder if this would be a problem with Python.
At least with a in-DAW script, I don’t have this issue.

Note MIDI Learn but v1.05 has Using keyboard arrows to browse presets/content.