How to change programs in vital inside carla

are there any carla users here?

i would like to change vital presets via incoming program changes.

vital does not react to those program change messages.

i think this is not supported at the moment.

oh, bummer! this would be really nice for live usage of the synth. i have vital running nicely at 160 blocks and 88200 samplerate, which gives me a very low latency.

you can open preset browser and change preset with arrow keys.

or try this :nerd_face:

hmm, thanks, but that is not really an option for me, since the whole project will run headless at that point and i will switch multiple synths via program changes, not just vital. so keyboards or cc messages don’t make sense to me. i just tried on HELM and indeed there it works, i can change presets via program change. so, it would be great to have that available on vital as well.

maybe add your wishes to feature requests. I´m sure you´re not the only one interested in this.

And when helm can do it, chances are probably not too bad that it will be possible with vital in the future.