Filter visual glitch

So i found a visual glitch in the filter

when i move the knob or add a LFOs, the filter visual seem having a black line on it

Strange… I’ve seen that before but thought it was fixed, will look again.

I have that same issue in Win 7 with the black lines, while I know it is not listed as a supported or maybe tested OS I and I am sure many others will use this under Win 7. So I can say except for that small glitch it seems to work fine in Win 7 and Reaper 6x in my case. Question what version has that possibly been fixed in? I see that glitch in the copy I got the morning of Official Release.

Maybe Win 7 has the answer :rage:

Are you in Windows 7?

Yeseree Win 7 64 same bugs you mention. I would hope that even though its not officially supported and or tested that this glitch can be fixed for all of us that do use Win 7 if that turns out to be the issue.


No i’m on Windows 10 20H2

So then this is not specific to any one Windows version it seems. Guess its just some odd interface bug then.