A lot of visual gitches (Vital 1.0.3, Win7 x64)

A lot of visual gitches.

S.O: Windows 7 x64
Vital version: 1.0.3 (standalone and VST2 vía Cakewalk Sonar X2)

This screen capture was taken with the standalone version, but the same ocurrs inside the DAW with the vst2 version. This is only an example, there are more gitches like this, and it happen all the time.

Have you tried the most recent version of Cakewalk by Bandlab? I’ve tried it here and it produces no visual glitches, although the CPU-load seems higher than when running in Reaper.

But I can’t say anything for the stand-alone version. I haven’t tried that.

I’ll try later in Cakewalk by bandland, using VST3, but this screen capture was taken with the standalone version, so I don’t think the problem is in the DAW version.

Ah, okay. But actually I overlooked that you’re using Win7. It’s not officially supported by Vital, although a couple of people seem to be using it without problems.
Unfortunately, I guess, that doesn’t help you. Sorry.

That’s correct, but Cakewalk by bandland alson doesn’t support Win7 and works fine. I think that all the new software (in general) will not be supported in Win 7 due the current Microsoft support.

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Actually they claim they do, but only 64-bit

If you scroll down to the system requirements, you can see it.

Oh, the latest updates warn (in the installation process) that Win7 is not supported. They may not have updated the home page.

This is from the staff in the official forum (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/13521-newest-version-doesnt-work-on-windows-7/&do=findComment&comment=116693)

We primarily test with Windows 10 (which is what the the large majority of users are on), but we still 100% support Windows 8.1

We stopped officially supporting 7 because Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7. It drains resources when you have to work around functions that are not available in older versions of Windows.

As is, we still do not prevent you from installing on Win 7. We just flag that to let users know that we’re not going out of our way to fix any bugs that are specific to Windows 7. I mean, you could install CbB on Vista with the same message if you really wanted to, we just give you the heads up

Anyway, I didn’t want to deviate from the main topic of the post, which is the glitches.

You have glitches on an unofficially supported OS, I’m not sure what you’re expecting Matt to do about it. Unless other users report the same on Windows 10, you might well be stuck with it.

I expect nothing and demand nothing. I’m just reporting a bug in Win7 that Matt might be able to fix easily, even though it’s not officially supported (the same as Cakewalk by bandland, but it works fine)

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Yeah, it’s known that there are a few users who are using Windows 7 but seeing how it’s an unsupported system for many technologies I can only advise you to consider upgrading to Windows 10.

There are few users using Vital with W7 because they read system requirements. I know tons of people who still use W7 exclusively for audio, and I use it, too. There are actually very few developers who are not supporting Windows 7 despite MS stopping official support [there is still support for it]. Anyway, Windows 10 is pretty much total garbage and that thing is not going to see my computer and neither will I install the whole OS with all the plugins that work again for one plugin. So no Vital for me… oh well.

You might ask yourself why I made an account. I made it because I downloaded Vital and haven’t looked at the OS requirements because there’s like 2 developers who don’t support W7 that I know of and one is Vital.