Extremely choppy audio with 'Deeper' preset

I haven’t found this with every preset, but the ‘Deeper’ preset (by Yuli Yolo) creates extremely choppy (unusable audio) in my experience.

When I have the ability to upload audio, I could include a sample here. But I’m wondering if anyone else has tried this preset and had similar results …

What buffer size do you use?
What is your computer configuration.
I made all my presets at 64 or 128 buffer.
I7, 7700k fireface800 and no cpu overload.
Not a really new configuration.
Perhaps, you could try to decrease the voices count, it should help.
Best regards

See this thread:
Glitchy sound on some presets

2018 Mac Mini, 3.2ghz i7 with 64gb ram. Buffer size is 256. DAW is FL Studio 20.7.