Glitchy sound on some presets

2nd preset tried ‘ABBYSUN’, leads to stuttering playback. Noticed it with a couple of others too, ‘FM Drum Circle’, ‘Salomon’. I’m sure there are others too. Especially apparent when playing polyphonically (more than 5 notes). First thought was Audio Buffer size but audio buffer set at 512 and increasing it doesn’t seem to affect the issue.

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@gndmorgan Hi - I only have the abbysun preset of those you’ve listed, and it plays without stuttering playback. This is Plus version 1.0.3 on a Mac (late 2015) running 10.14.6 with buffer at 512. Odd.

Check your Oversampling. Have you turned it up from the recommended 2x level?

The only issues I’ve had with stuttering have been with the Oversampling set to 8x (Ultra CPU) mode and honestly, 2x (Recommended) is absolutely fine for writing. You can then set higher for rendering at the end when you bounce down your tracks.

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Nope, haven’t touched the oversampling.

2019 3.2Ghz 6 core i7 running Catalina

What’s your set up?

I have a Macbook Pro late 2015 model here, 16gb ram and quad core i7 and I did a test just now with ABBYSUN and I can get 7 instances running playing the same 4 note chord at once. The patch runs hot on the output though! And I got some break up of the audio not from CPU load but from the output level of the patch itself.

I dropped the output level on the patch itself, up the top right of the GUI and it’s fine after that.

So just double check it’s not the output levels which are causing the glitching.

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ahh you posted the set up while I was replying :wink:


I’ll have a look at the overall volume with my UA Arrow virtual console and see what sort of levels are coming out. Could be distortion like you say.

I also heard some glitchy sound on some presets, running in standalone mode in MacOS 10.12.2 on a late 2016 i7 Macbook Pro.

Adjusting buffer or oversampling did not seem to change anything.

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Checked this morning, definitely not the levels. Glitching with just 3 notes in Logic Pro X. :anguished:

Incredibly high CPU usage!

But the setting for oversampling is stored in the patch. “FM Drum Circle” is set to 8x. Set it lower and the glitching goes away.

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I did not think of that. I shall see if it makes a difference for me. :+1:t2:

It did on my 10 year old machine.


‘Abbysun’ is already set to 2x Oversampling, even setting it to 1 I get glitching. ‘FM Drum Circle’ setting to 2x makes a difference, no glitching. ‘Salomon’ is set to 2x, setting it to 1 still glitches. not good. That’s in stand alone. In SAW it’s worse.

I’m sorry to hear that, @gndmorgan. The Yuli Yolo presets are quite CPU-heavy. But turning down oversampling just did the trick for me. Maybe it has something to do, how much modulation ist going on. Other presets are less heavy on the CPU.

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I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a GPU issue…

+1, extreme CPU use is making a disappointingly high number of these presets unusable, even with a high buffer.

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Yeah I’m not sure exactly what’s causing some high CPU usage on some systems. This is something I’m looking at as more of something I need to fix than something I need to optimize as it works well on other computers.



GPU issue? I know the GPU in my Mac Mini isn’t the best. I wonder what would happen with the animations off. Perhaps an option to disable them as a switch? :thinking::man_shrugging:t3:

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I play all my presets at 128 buffer size and sometimes 64.
I7 7700k, fireface800.
Not a really new configuration.
Here at 64 Buffer,3.333ms latency, max voices presets setting( 6 voices):

I noticed, the spectral eat some Cpu, normal.
On my system, the Spectral time Skew eat the most, but it’s so good!
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I am also affected by this:
2018 Mac Mini, 3.2ghz i7 with 64gb ram. Buffer size is 256. DAW is FL Studio 20.7.

The preset ‘Deeper’ is the most obvious one for me. Even with Oversampling at 1x the sound is very glitchy.