every time I open Vital FL Studio it crashes

For a few days I was using and testing Vital and the truth is that I loved it, but today every time I open VST to make a sound or something the Daw crashes, if someone can help me I would appreciate it very much!

A few questions.
Does the standalone version work? Does it crash just on opening a project or if you add a new Vital instance?

If the standalone crashes there should be a crash.txt and errors.txt log file in Documents/Vital (~/Music/Vital on mac), could you send those to me?

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Vital seems to be working fine in Ableton and I have the same problem in FL Studio.

Installed version of Vital is 1.0.3 and FL Studio is

Vital 1.0.3 works fine here in FL Studio 20.7.2.[1863] I just noticed I’m a version behind so will update now. If it doesn’t work in 20.7.3 [1987] then we know it’s an FL Studio issue.

And Vital works just fine in 20.7.3.[1987] as well. (VST2) Windows 10 64 bit.

the standalone version works, and the daw crash immediately i open vital, Where can I send them? Since in Documents / Vital, there is a file called errorrs.txt

I am using VST3 version.

That’s something you need to mention when posting. “Vital Crashes” is not helpful. "The VST 3 version of Vital crashes is much more helpful.

VST 3 Version does not crash FL Studio here.


Sorry for not posting vst version. Are you on latest windows update as well?
(20H2 and OS build 19042.630)

no, i dont have it, why??

no, i dont have it, why??aaaasc

I am on latest windows update and also I had to make a special inbound rule in my firewall for FL Studio because FL Studio had no active internet connection and now it just works fine.


I downloaded vital but every time i try to open it all i hear are a couple crackles then nothing happens.

Ah interesting. I wonder if this related to what’s happening for other users.

I’ve tested Vital in FL Studio 20.7.3 on two different systems and it works just fine. Other than the Transpose Snap Window issue with the VST 3 version I’m not finding anything wrong with Vital in FL Studio.

I would suggest those who are having issues with Vital in FL Studio post at the Image-Line Support forums to see if they can shed any light on the situation.

It’s obvious to me that it’s just a system or settings issue.

It would also help if people post their system specs when making a report. Operating system, hardware specs, FL Studio version.

I’ve done some tech support for FL Studio so I’m willing to help if I can.