FL crash when Vital is added

It worked before, and one day it just started crashing FL every time I open it.
I tried reinstalling Vital, didn’t help, I get crashes on both VST and VST3 versions of the plugin.
I use FL 20.7.2 on Windows 10 1809 LTSC.
Is there perhaps a place where Vital writes (crash)logs?

EDIT: Found a (highly uninformative) FL crash log

EDIT 2: The standalone version doesn’t work either. Running it from cmd yields me ASSERT: parse_status, waits a couple seconds and the process gets killed

UPDATE: Fixed! I saw another post and turned on my VPN, which prompltly fixed the issue. Why does it have to be this way? That’s still a bug, it shouldn’t just flat out crash, and definitely shouldn’t take the DAW with it.

Well first of all the latest release version of FL Studio is and Windows 10 is 21H2. Version 1809 reached its end of life in May of 2021.

To be honest in recent times FL Studio has become a little crash happy. You could try contacting Image-line support on their forums. The more reports they get the more they are likely to take them seriously.

The Crash Log just shows that it was Vital VST 3 that took down FL Studio.

Where are you logging in from? Could it be China or Russia or ?

Well I am too lazy to update, and the standalone crash tells me that it’s not even related to the DAW. As for Windows, I am updating as soon as Windows decides to randomly die.

also yep, DPR

Donetsk or North Korea? That might explain why you need a VPN.

You can set Vital to work offline.

Your outdated version of Windows might not be helping either. I’m surprised you’ve been able prevent Win 10 from updating itself for so long.

Yeah I’ve heard of some issues in certain countries with the authentication library I’ve been using. For the next version I’m switching to a different authentication setup and will work a lot better no matter the internet connection.

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sorry for the late reply, thanks for the good news!
good luck messing with libs, i know the struggle :wink:

donetsk, yeah
how do i set it to work offline?
also this is the LTSC version, they roll out a new build every 5 or so years, with 21H2 releasing a short while ago, and it won’t update automatically because stability.
edit: figured it out, you need to log out and it indeed works without a vpn!
thanks, didn’t know that was a feature