Envelope 1 retriggers all LFOs?

I’m fairly new to Vital but have been producing music for a while, I was making a synth today that uses a lot of slow modulation but the LFOs all seem to reset at the end of each note despite the LFO being set to sync instead of trigger - I would like for the modulation to flow smoothly over notes and after reading through some of the chats on here it all says to make sure the LFO is set to sync and not trigger however I still seem to be having some sort of issue.

Someone mentioned that all modulation resets when envelope 1 returns to zero - is this true and if so is there any way of disabling it?

afaik the LFOs aren’t free running when there’s no voicing happening. someone else can correct me if i’m wrong. but maybe if you wanted there to be some randomness you could send the random modulator to the LFO phase if it helps, so each note would start the sync LFO at a more unpredictable place. i guess that wouldn’t achieve the smoothness you’re looking for though. it’s not good for presets but if you’re using a daw that has parameter modulation you could probably use the daw to modulate a vital parameter instead.

Are you looping short clips ? If so the LFO resets at the beginning of the loop. Make a longer loop and see when the LFO retriggers. It should be synced to your play head so if you start a 3/4 of the loop the LFO should also start at 3/4 (depending on how long your synced setting is 1 bar 2 bar etc.)

As @reklamchef mentions I think what you need would be a free running lfo unfortunately.

Depending on the midi notes try legato mode see if that helps?