Env keeps retriggering

ive looked everywhere but if im wanting to switch notes, the env keeps retriggering meaning that it goes back to the start rather than where it starts to release (the end of the decay) and as far as ive looked there is absolutely no setting to fix this as its really annoying. can you please show me where this setting is / how to fix it

and another thing, when im playing around with chords, it immediately kills the last chord rather than releases it in the time shown which one again is beyond irritating

no…not here…
seems to play as expected
have you increased poly count ?
your description sounds like maybe voicestealing due to too less polycount
here (AU, osx mojave) with an init patch, loooong release the first played chord is releasing perfectly and as expected while the second is played

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Can you list any synths with envelopes that don’t behave in the same way?

So you want a note to trigger at the release phase? Because?

Here’s a link to the threads that list hundreds if not thousands of presets made by Vital users.


I think this user is looking for a “legato” option, so that overlapping notes pick up at the point in the envelope where existing notes are (not the release phase - as the user includes in parentheses: “the end of the decay”). I don’t know how to achieve this either and would appreciate an answer (rather than a smug dismissal).

All you have to do is look.


At any rate people like the OP who don’t know what they’re asking for should avoid using terms like “annoying” and “irritating”. That’s not smug that’s rude.

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Vital is like the most popular synth in the world right now, relax OP the vital community got your back.

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Teksonik: If people are annoyed or irritated by something they have every right to express it here. It doesn’t reflect on the synth, just how the user feels about their issue. It isn’t rude, it’s just communicating their emotional response to the problem. It IS rude, however, to make the OP feel foolish for having asked a question on the forum. This forum is where people come to find expert advice because they’re not experts, so you should stop expecting them to be. If you’re as tired of “helping” people here as you’ve expressed on numerous occasions perhaps you should stop. I for one am tired of your “why do I bother replying to these idiots” attitude.

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The problem is people get upset with the plugin when in fact it is their lack of understanding of how the plugin works or a lack of understanding of synthesis at fault.

In that case they have no “right” to get upset or insult the plugin and the developer. They are basically just embarrassing themselves by blaming the plugin when in fact PEBAK.

The “why do I bother” comment is aimed at people who come here, ask for help, then either never bother coming back to see if there is an answer or don’t have the common courtesy to express gratitude to everyone here who takes time out of their day to try and help.

That’s what I’m tired of…it has nothing to do with their level of experience as we were all beginners at one point. You know I’ve never called anyone an idiot but if they come with an attitude they’re likely going to get one right back.

Like I’ve said time and again especially when making a feature request and asking for help, do so in a calm and respectful manner and have the decency to show some gratitude for those who attempt to help you. Avoid using terms like “annoying” and irritating" and things will go a lot smoother for everyone involved.

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+1 – basic netiquette.

i literally love the vital plugin, its high quality and its awesome i just am annoyed by 1 slight thing and i dont know whats happening thats why im annoyed no need to get so overly offended jesus

competely agree, this is a questions and support page, people being annoyed at an issue is gonna pop up everywhere and yes it is completely caused by lack of knowledge not they synth and im not saying the synth is bad because it just isnt. u r a very based man

Thank you very much for the help but im sorry mate but this is a Questions and Support page, people ask for support and questions because of an issue that they find irritating, its not anything personal, deep or anything, it is a slight annoyance due to a lack of knowlege. if you are annoyed at people being annoyed at something they dont know what to do, why even look at the questions and support page. i appreciate the help by the way but this kind of behaviour especially on this forum is basically everywhere and it makes sense why, theres no need to get so worked up about it

not really sure what voicestealing means but guessing from ‘voice’ and ‘stealing’ is what im saying (sorry im not very experienced with the vocabulary), i will try that thank you very much and have a good day

also im very greatful for this very nice, elegant and smart reply unlike the snowflake

nah its not the legato option unfortunately that doesnt work, thank u for the suggestion

when i become smart i got ur back too bro :heart:

and another thing, i did not insult the plugin or developer in anyway, i simply found something annoying and i was annoyed at an issue, its a common human response. i think you should listen to @itstranger and maybe learn a thing or two because with this attitude and hurling some bullshit accusations, good luck in the real world. im 17 and im also highly autistic with limited social skills and yet i know this and you dont which is really worrying. i would very much like an apology for these lies and how rude, stuck up and egotistical you have been throughout this SUPPORT thread might i add, thank you very much and have a great day

[quote=“luke.r.southallemerg, post:17, topic:9152”]
im 17 and im also highly autistic with limited social skills[/quote]

Ok that explains your attitude. I’m sorry for your condition as I am also on the spectrum.

But your age, lack of experience, and your condition are all the more reason to learn how to communicate in a calm and respectful manner.

You’ll find things go a lot smoother not just here but in life as well…

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as long as it is stilll working try google:


which will lead to:

the fandom-wiki lists a lot of electronicmusic vocabulary that might be useful :slight_smile:

So Luke why don’t you calm down and start all over.

Issues can be caused by bugs, a design decision, user error, or a system specific issue related to hardware configurations.

If you can, upload a video or audio file of what you’re experiencing.

Explain in detail what it is you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish. The more information you give the better the chances are you’ll get useful support.

Think of it like going to the doctor. If you just say “I hurt” it’s going to be harder for him or her to diagnose your pain but if you say “I hurt in my foot” then they can go right to the source of the problem.

It’s never a bad idea to give your Operating system, the DAW(s) you are using etc.

This is coming from someone who has done tech support for decades so consider it advice based on experience.

Keep in mind that there are countless people using Vital and who have released hundreds if not thousands of patches for it and no one else has reported this issue.

So again stay calm, avoid using inflammatory language, explain your problem in detail and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s going on.

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