Effects GUI issue

Don’t know when this started, but the modulation and macro feedback rings around knobs and along sliders stopped working. No more visual feedback in effects when using macros and modulators but voice seem to work fine.

v1.07 vst3
Windows 7
Standalone and in Reaper
Intel i7
AMD Radeon HD 6450

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Ah… thanks for the catch. Think this happened in 1.0.6

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My pleasure. It’s I who should be thanking you for this gem of a synth. hats off.

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Hello DGB

I’m having a problem kinda similar to you in 1.0.7, except that the visual AND effects value goes nuts (or maybe that is the default behavior, I’m just a beginner haha).

Maybe you could check that out if you have the time.


Believe Matts on it.