LFO-modulated FX value doesn't reset after releasing note (1.0.7)

OS: Windows 10
DAW: Reaper, but I tested it standalone
Vital: 1.0.7

So I just update to 1.0.7, and the FX is going nuts haha. I don’t know how to describe it really, like for example a delay/reverb (all of them, not just these two) with feedback and mix all at 0, but being modulated by a LFO. When I release the note, the value is suppose to reset to 0 and cut the effects out completely, but it doesn’t haha. I also tested a patch that I made before I update, with same result.

I have a video here to show you what I meant (TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME please, delay at 100% feedback is no joke lol):

Thanks for reading!

Update 1: I have tried downgrade to 1.0.6 and 1.0.5, but the problem still persist. The weirdest thing is that 1.0.5 work fine for me before I upgrade.

Can you send me the preset? It’s supposed to hold at the lfo position when the voice dies but it looks like it’s jumping.

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Wait, is it suppose to hold there, because I have never seen anything like that haha.
The jumping might be because my ENV1 has a little bit of release.
I’ve attached the patch, but I forgot to mention that this happen to factory patch to, my bad.ame squeal lol.vital (479.2 KB)

Edit 1: I think I might be big dumb here if the value are suppose to hold there haha, but I always thought that the value will go to the default right after I release the note which I set to 0. This morning I realized that an ENV would be much better for my purpose. I’m just a beginner so this “might” not be a bug at all haha.