Does anyone elses virus software flag this?

I ran the .exe file through and it flags up one engine that is of concern. I’m hoping its nothing but if anyone has any ideas before I install it and possibly mess up my PC?

Mine flagged it as well, but so far, so good. Some trusted members of the music community vouched for this plugin and I don’t think they’d deceive us, so you should be fine.

if i check the installer of v.1.0.2 i get just 1/68 warning. So thats nothing for me because i know there is always a lot of false flag from this Engines. Because they not detect a concrete malware but heuristic similar parts of malware-code.

The most known detection software are green flaged the installer.

I appreciate your response!

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Since this is a new software and the certificate is valid it should be ok.

The reason for the trigger is that it’s a new software and there is no “reputation” recorded for the smartscreen filter yet.
Which is kind of a catch22 since people get a pop up that it’s unsafe.
Of course you should be sceptical if a download/install flags for it but since you downloaded it from an official page, the certificate is ok etc. etc. it should be safe.

But getting an EV certificate would basically circumvent this issue, on the other hand they are more expensive.
EV Code Signing Certificates |

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thanks for responding!

I figured as much, it was from a legit source but you can never be too careful!