Cubase Sluggish UI

Hi guys!

Great new vst addition! So excited to use it!
I was thinking to upgrade already but then when I used it in Cubase I realised that the UI is not responsive at all. Every knob or button I touched is very slow to update in the interface.
I tested in bitwig and it works perfect

Anyone experiencing the same?


Works perfectly here: win10
Cubase pro 10.5.

:sob::sob::sob: lucky you!
I’m on a Mac though with cubase 10.5
Unfortunately i don’t have any developer or coding background so i dont know what to do

This might help. Full thread: Gui problem and lagging

Cubase on mac has never been so good, a shame Steinberg!

Everybody just needs to get Reaper :stuck_out_tongue:

I have same issu. But I can use vst2 with Cubase11 on Mac.