Gui problem and lagging


I am on a iMac (mac os 10.14) with Cubase 10.5
1 I Use it on double monitor setup with different dpi scaling and this completely messes up the interface.
And not consistently in different projects.
2 There is a lot of lagging (beachball !) when choosing presets, different lfo’s or waves.

I really love that the chosen microtuning is ‘sticky’. You can change presets and the microtuning stays. This is really good!
The synth is a joy to work with.



Yeah I’ve gotten a lot of reports that Cubase + Mac + VST3 is extremely slow. I don’t know of any other setups that have this issue so I need to look into this. It’s on my short list of bugs to look at first so should hopefully have a fix soon.


And indeed I’m using it as a vst3
Anyway thanks a lot tytel great man!!
As soon as it’s ready I’ll get the pro or at least the advance version

Thanks thanks

To follow up.
When I installed Vital (in the mix version), both vst2 and vst3 were installed and Vital was very sluggish.
I removed the vst3 and things became better.
But with one of the updates also the vst2 became sluggish.
Now I have tried both the vst2 version and the vst3 version (- only one version active).
The lagging in vst3 is worse but the vst2 is not much better, anymore.


I also have to add a possible useful behaviour.

I’m on vst3 first of all. So when I reduced the size of Vital from 100% to 70% (this can be done in the settings if you press the vital logo) things improved considerably. No more beachball and less lag…

Maybe it’s something to do with the graphic card or OpenGL Who knows… hopefully this can hint the right direction for our lovely developers


It’s always a good idea to post your system specs when reporting a bug. That gives the developer information they may use to spot a pattern. Perhaps the issue only affects a certain Graphics card or certain CPUs etc…

I just downloaded the full version today and am having similar if not identical symptoms whereas I open the plugin from within Logic 10.6 and can change scale with no problem on my “primary” monitor, but when moving the interface to another it glitches. Some buttons were accessible while guessing their coordinates and I was able to bring up the scaling screen, but clicking on the smaller or larger scale options returned no positive affects. Mac Pro late 2013 10.15.7 (Catalina) 2.7GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5 / 128GB 1066 MHz DDR3 / AMD FirePro D500 3GB - Logic X Pro 10.6 (Latest Version)

Hi together,

I have the exact same issue with VST3 Cubase 11 on Mac OS 10.15.7 on a Macbook Pro with a Radeon Pro 560X. The lagging really extreme, beachball around 5-10 seconds. With NI Maschine and VST2 everything is running smoothly on the same machine.

Hope this gets fixed soon. If you need more information let me know.

Great synth! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Any help or updates with this?

I’ve just been trying to use Vital with Cubase 11 on my Mac ( Mojave 10.14.6 - 2 x 3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon with 96gb ram) and it’s really really slow, loading presets and even changing some of the parameters making it unusable, which is shame as its a great synth.

It works fine as a standalone on my mac but in Cubase as a VST it’s terrible. Other synths like the virus, massive and serum work fine.

I’m still tracking this down.

This might be related to my VST3 report on Linux platform - Vital 1.0.5 lv2 fails (@blufor)

Try to remove the vst3 version from the system. Normal vst seem to rid off problem. cheers!

mojave 10.14 and cubase pro 10.5 here

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Thank you, man! Working without lags!

Yeah I have the same problem, Mac, Cubase 10.5, vst3. It lags to a point to where it is almost unusable.

Just bought Vital sub yesterday. First session with it today. Terrible TERRIBLE lag. Like the person above me its almost unusable.

Im a Cubase Pro 11 user on a Mac Catalina. Probably will just cancel the sub and check back in later since this seems to be 3 months and no resolution.

Did you try deleting the vst3 and using the vst version for the moment?

I have done that now. The VST2 seems to be OK. I never use VST2 anymore though.

I canceled the sub before finding there was a VST2 on my system. It killed my creativity this AM and I have plenty of other tools to choose from. Bad first impression.

Regardless, IDK if the first install asked me if I would like VST3 but I routinely choose that if given the option. So, I had the VST3 installed. Started messing about with laggy UI. Made some progress in spite of the GUI and then just go fed up.

So then I couldnt find a VST2 for Vital in Cubase. I tried to run the installer to errrrr… install the VST2. It just ran without asking me what I would like to install for plugin formats.

I still had no VST2 (in Cubase). Hmmmm.

I didnt go digging much beyond that because TBH all I wanted to do was make some noise this AM and this was already too much mucking about in my OS.

But since you asked, I then went back and dug around in my Audio/Plugins/VST folder and renamed the VST3 to VST3.old and then checked the VST2 folder. It has a Vital in there.

So then I opened Cubase to mess about and it all worked.

So yeah, seems like VST2 works. Maybe remove VST3 from the installer until its resolved? It was a poor experience that didnt have to be that way. It cost the dev a sub in fact.

You could say Im fickle. You wouldn’t be wrong. Ill just say this, when there is only so much time in a day for me to write music and the tools get in the way of that… Its an easy choice.

Same machine here, same problems.

Laginess in cubase and problems with multiple monitors will be fixed in the next update (don’t have a release date yet)

Just to update, I’m running Cubase 11 on a Mac 10.14.16, was referred by Born to Produce, and everytime I touch a parameter I get the ‘beachball’ (extreme UI lag) for 10-20 seconds. Is there a fix?