Create soundbank from multiple presets

Is it possible to create a soundbank from multiple presets automatically? I have a third party preset pack that only seems to load them individually, Using mac, Any help much appreciated :+1:

The export bank is the feature you are looking for. However the presets you are looking for need to sit in the User folder of your library. Then you can select the export presets from the options menu (three lines right to the preset name) and can individually select patches to get compiled into a new bank. The bank file is a new file format .vitalbank.

On importing the bank it is extracting all the individual parts (e.g. LFOs, Wavetables, Patches and Samples) into a folder into your library with corresponding subfolder structure.

I am not sure if I understood your question correctly - maybe that helps.

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I believe we covered this in our blog post “How to Install Vital Presets”.

Here’s the excerpt:

  1. Ensure that your folder hierarchy looks like this: [Bankname]/Presets/[Preset Files]
  2. If the folder of presets isn’t a zip archive, make it one!
    On Mac, this can be achieved by right-clicking the bankname folder and selecting “Compress (Zipped Folder)”
  3. Rename the zip file and change the file extension from “.zip” to “.vitalbank” (amazingly this actually works – the internal structure of a .vitalbank is identical to a zip archive!)

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything clarified!

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strange, I could have bet, that a .vitalbank is a JSON file - but yes, the export creates a ZIP file.

So you can move it back and forth.

So importing a ZIP file is really easy by renaming it before that into .vitalbank and voila you can import it with vital directly from anywhere.

I will adapt my documentation on that and make it clear.