Constantly crashing FL Studio 20 for seemingly no reason

Working with a project using the Vital VST. For seemingly no reason the DAW crashes even when Vital is not generating sound. This was not happening before so I believe it is definitely something to do with Vital.

I am also experiencing this because after I added in Vital, FL studio will crash every single time when I open my project. So I solved the issue by reverting to the last autosave. Cakewalk Sonar seems to have the same problem with Vital too.

Unfortunately I don’t have an autosave backup of my project before Vital was added. The same thing started happening to me today where FL crashes instantly when loading the project. This kind of reminds me of when Sylenth1 v2 broke with a Windows 10 update and we had to wait for Sylenth1 v3.

Did you guys perhaps do the Win 10 20H2 update ? Win%2010

I did on this system the other day and after the update installed I got the message:


When trying to open Apps that had always worked including FL Studio. A reboot solved the issue here but the point is a Windows update can indeed mess things up.

Vital seems to be solid here in FL Studio 20.7.3

I’m seeing a lot of threads here referencing problems in FL Studio. Has anyone reported the issue at the Image-Line support forums ? They may be able to shed some light on the situation.

Oh and are you guys using the VST 2 or VST 3 version ? I think I would advise using the VST 2 version for the time being.

No crashes on mac high sierra

With FL Studio ?

yup, latest version of FL

I wonder how many people complaining about issues with FL Studio are actually using a legitimate version.

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Yeah, I’m using 20H2 right now.

Hello, Used it with FL Studio 12.

FL Studio 20 seems less stable for VSTs. I had a problem with Reason Friktion and Arturia Pre1973. This might be an Image-Line issue.

Hey mate, I am running it on FL and it’s running fine. I am using FL 20.7. You can try enabling the use ‘fixed-size buffer’ in the plugin troubleshooting section. Also, keep the plugin size to 50%. I observed that large size affects plugin performence.

Whenever I try using the Text-to-Wavetable feature it crashes FL Studio 20.7.3. I think Vital may have been released too soon before it was thoroughly beta tested.

Yet Text to Wavetable works just fine here with FL Studio 20.7.3

Perhaps there is something wrong with your setup.

I’ve been getting a few reports of Vital crashing intermittently, but only on some computers. The majority of users don’t see any crashes. I think this might have to do with fire wall settings and the authentication library I’m using but I’m not sure about that yet. Will report back when I’ve found a fix.


im getting crashes aswell and i have a legit copy. But it only happens with the VST 3 version

What version of FL Studio do you have installed ?

I’m using the free version of Vital. Maybe that’s it.

Ah that might be useful tracking this down.
Curious if other people are only seeing this in the VST3

Yes, I am using the VST3 version as well so perhaps that is the root of my problems.