Collection / Selection of essential Synth Sounds for learning

Hi there!

Does anyone know a good collection / set of synth sounds that can be considered a solid foundation? Maybe something like 20-50 sounds, where the sound and ideas how to create it are sufficiently distinct.

Something like this could be really helpful for learning sound design, to recreate them. But also to learn what typical sounds and categories are like and how they’re made.

Most presets and preset banks seem to focus on being “special” or especially creative. That makes it a bit hard to find a really solid essential sound bank.

Edit: If the presets are for a different synth, no problem. Maybe even better that way, because recreating it in a different synth might be particularly good for learning.

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It’s a difficult question. “Solid foundation” for what? Pop, Rock, EDM, Jazz, Movies, Hip Hop, etc, etc, etc?

“Essential” doesn’t really have one definition. A sound I consider essential someone else might find utterly useless and vice versa.

My advice for learning synths is to start out with the Initialize Preset like the one in Vital, then start turning dials. You can’t really break anything but be careful of extreme values like high Filter Resonance or Distortion. Always have a limiter on your Master when doing sound design.

You’ll learn what does what much faster that way and develop your own sound design skills.

Nothing wrong with dissecting someone else’s preset once in a while but there is no better teacher than hands on experience. :+1:

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Yeah, that’s part of the difficulty. But there are indeed a few very classical sounds which get used in various genres.
I get the idea with starting with Initialize. The question is, where are good targets to go for :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add here that I’ve now found something that seems to work well for the described problem: Shout out to Eric Bowman for his Vital videos - Share - Vital by @ericjbowman .

Additional idea: So far I didn’t get to it much, but u-he Zebra2 Legacy comes with LOTS of great presets and the free demo is sufficient for learning from the patches.