Shout out to Eric Bowman for his Vital videos

Don’t miss the really excellent Vital programming from Eric Bowman.

Eric uses Vital with creativity and precision and his “Sounds You Know” preset pack seems excellent.

Thanks to Eric for sharing his insights and expertise. I hope the pack does well.

Best wishes and good luck to you.


I couldn’t get the gumroad address to work.

I’m not sure about that, but see the youtube videos and perhaps let him know with a comment there.

Watching them now. I really enjoy the detail and explanations. Eric Bowman makes awesome videos!

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Thanks for the shoutout! I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos.


Maybe I made a typo when posting the link somewhere.


Really cool! Thanks for putting this out @ericjbowman!

Your videos very concise and still done in a way that it’s easy to replicate the patches. I noticed that you also started dropping in some background why you did something or some general tips (more of that please!).

Your sample pack has a quality I’ve been looking for: It consists of a wide range of presets that are a good baseline to either learn from or use as starting points for making your own sounds out of it. Looking forward to digging deeper into it.

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@ericjbowman is my synth preset programming idol atm. His level of ability to listen to a sound and distinguish what to do to replicate it blows me away. I would die for that ability!

I would pay a lot of money for a course on Vital, especially how he is able to replicate sounds.

Discovered him with the Unholy bass, haven’t looked back since.

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Yes thanx for gr8 vids , very helpful jono

do you take requests? :wink: