Changing the INIT patch?

Is it possible to overwrite the init patch?
I start from INIT everytime and first thing i need to do (if i remember) is to set the OSC Random Phase to 0. It would be nice to have INIT patch where it’s 0 and not 100.

It’s a small thing, but it still…


I would like this too.

And/or opening Vital with the last preset used.

would be nice, if we could just flag any preset to be the init patch. So it would be easy to revert to factory default.

Yes - this has been raised before, and was on Matt’s todo list.

as a workaround, “.” (point) in front of a preset name and it will be the first one on right click to the preset arrow.

Yes I also turn down the phase randomisation knob all the down for every new a new init patch would be helpful.
Anyways we can create our own init patch, so I guess it’s not that much of an issue.