Can't type numbers 1-5

Title says it, can’t seem to type the numbers 1-5 into any relevant fields. Tried in password entry, enter volume, and preset name fields. Windows 10 Home Edition running on an IdeaPad L340-15IRH Gaming laptop.

Are you perhaps using Ableton? We’ve had reports of Ableton users running into this exact issue which is mainly due to Ableton actually taking control over those exact keys for assigned shortcuts. From what I know this will switch Tabs inside of Serum for example.

I am, and I have had the same issue in Serum!

Do you happen to know if I can disable that? I can’t find any information

You could try checking out this thread by Ableton themselves! They mention something about EnsuringKeyMessageForPlugins which could potentially solve this

No luck with that solution, not sure why. Thanks though