Can't Download Vital

Totally thats what I thought too =] Anyhoo, it just adds to the excitment dont it =]

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Still early in the AM for Oakland, CA…

Patience, young Padawans :wink:


It’s right now 11/25 in New Zealand


This I have never refreshed a google search for ‘time in Oakland’ this much.



Keep waiting…

hahah you guys are finding out where this mans lives, my bet is it comes out 12pm oak time, so about 7 more hours

Same here… none of the download links are working!
And I noticed, that they promised 80 presets for the free version, but now they changed it to 75.

It’s November 24, 2021 :grinning::grinning:


Wake up Matt. it’s almost 25th😖

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the sever is probably gonna crash lol

Guys, it’s only
06:24 / 24 novembre 2020 (UTC−8) in Oakland, California…
Time for coffee !

How long does this coffee take? The sun is well above the horizon :smiley:


Oh no, I think I might not download it anympre then :rage: We’re clearly dealing with a bunch of crooks.

Nooooooo, these things just take time. Patience is key

It’s like 7am for the dude. I just woke up myself and its 10am on the 24th.

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Well, it’s 10.15am in the States now and seems like it’s still not possible to download. Wish he’d post some update info, at least, lol. :wink:

it 10:15am fir us east coasters, for them pacific bois, it’s still pretty early, like 7am.

At least I am not alone. Can’t wait to test this cool synth. It’s already 4pm here, and I actually looked right after midnight :slight_smile:

4pm here as well, anxiously awaiting release lol