Can't Download Vital


I’m unable to download any of the versions.

I click on the buttons but nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong?

same her, i think its not ready to download

ah…ok…guess I’m too anxious for it.

I’ll try again later

Thanks for the reply

Just wait till the end of the day, I think its manual launch, maybe he’s asleep :slight_smile:

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Didn’t think about the time difference.:smirk:

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Yeah its 2am for him right now, it must be a manual launch. We shall all wait in anticipation!

Well, I have been waiting for so long… it is 9:44pm here in Australia and it is 24/11

I feel you (Australian too), those gosh darn time zones

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This is worst than waiting outside the Apple store. My estimation considering is just past 3am in California, another 5 hours waiting here in the line…it is getting cold!


damn! i feel bad as heck! its already evening now and its not there yet! :disappointed_relieved:

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I think Im going to watch a movie

i broke the refresh button…


For those waiting, don’t forget to clear your cache. Your browser might just being reloading the “Available November 24” message even after it has been released \ (•o•) /

How do you clear your cache?

Its different for each web browser. Ideally you want to only get rid of the site data so you don’t get logged out of everything everywhere. You can probably find out how to clear your browsers cache on youtube

Thank you!

Hi Merge, neither can I. I based in the UK. When i go onto the website and click sub or anything, it just says availible the 24th. I looked everwhere but no specific time zone was mentioned. Maybe its actually going to be the 25th, I also checked twitter no mnetions of anything there either. Or here obviously on the forum? Weird. =]

I’m going by Matt Tytel’s location on his bio (Oakland CA) currently 3:51am, so probably :sleeping: or :crazy_face:


Same here. I’ve been trying to purchase the Pro version since midnight here in Colorado.