Browser problem in Logic Pro

I’m new to this, so I might be overlooking something…
Logic Pro X 10.6
OSX 11.0.1
2015 Mac Pro 12 core, 64 gig ram, RAIDS

In Vital, once you go into a particular folder for a voice, you CANNOT get back to ALL patches… You have to quit, Vital and create a new instance of it… You can jump from folder to folder, and select programs.

Something I’m overlooking? The Stand Alone works fine, but not the AU version…
I wonder if I could try putting all the folders into an ‘ALL’ folder… Don’t wann mess around with file paths. AND MAN, THIS is one HELL of a VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT… I don’t think there is anything as versatile as Vital… And your customers uploading all there GREAT patches. makes this the VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT of 2020 … It should get an award… Thanx

Yep - this is a bug and has been reported previously - Preset browser problem

Thanks, and yes, I should read thru all the bug reports to not duplicate issues… ‘my bad’.

No worries. Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

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This is fixed in the latest - version 1.0.4
You can get it at