Preset browser problem

In the preset browser. Once I’ve clicked into a folder it seems impossible to unselect to go back to seeing all presets. There’s no root folder option, just selecting a different folder.

all further selection are based on the cirrently selected folder
for example search
which makes it impossible to search/finde a preset that is beyond the selected folder…


Same problem here. Very frustrating!

Same. Only way I can see to reset the filter is to delete the track and open a new instance.

Same issue here.
Stuck in the subfolders. Very annoying… :frowning:

Just close the GUI and then reopen it. No need to reload the plugin. I believe this is a known issue reported early on before this forum was active.

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yes! this works - thank you! :slight_smile:

Still a pain. Slows down the workflow.

Yes that is a problem there should def be something like none, show all or click twice to deselect, but should have some way to deselect so I too see this as a bug. I hope that gets fixed as yes it is quite annoying, and something I cant believe beta testers missed.

It was the first question that I had after starting Vital for the first time. It is counter-intuitive to not have a function that goes back to “All”. I hope it will be added soon!

Yeah this is probably one of the first ‘workflow’ improvements i’m going to do. Should be in pretty soon.


wondeful! thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s an “All” option in the latest build at - 1.0.4


thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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is there some sorts of release notes, which lists all bugfixes, addons etc ?

Yeah i’m going to make a thread in the forum with the change list in a bit.

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Issue still happens here

  • FL Studio 20.9
  • Vital 1.0.8

when closing Vital all Presets Browser Edits are resetted (Tag and Folder), if you re-open the GUI, you can not choose the next Preset in a List or a Tag you choose before.

And ist still very annoying.