Blank GUI when opened on second monitor (GUI not refreshing)

Hi there
I’m on Windows 10 and use Vital v1.0.2, I have a laptop with a monitor plugged in a HDMI port. So I have 2 screens: the laptop’s screen and the monitor’s screen.

Basically the GUI is frozen on my monitor’s screen. However it works perfectly fine on the laptop’s screen. When I open Vital, if the window get opened on the monitor, it remain blank. If I move it to the laptop’s screen the GUI shows up and keep refreshing normally. As soon as I move it back to the second monitor it get frozen again.

This problem occurs when opened in standalone and also when opened as a VST with ableton

I have a similar issue, but when it is moved to a larger screen the plugin’s elements become unresponsive and distorted in size.

Same issue as above. I am on Mac with Mojave. It works fine on my main screen but when I move it to a second monitor, everything gets distorted.